Ref Books PE Course

Chemical Engineering License Exam Reference Books

Crane, Flow of Fluids through Valves, Fittings, and Pipe, Technical Paper No. 410

Chemical Engineering License Problems and Solutions, Das, D.K. and Prabhudesai, R.K.

Chemical Engineering License Review, Das, D.K. and Prabhudesai, R.K.

Chemical Engineering Review for PE Exam, Crockett, William

NCEES - PE Chemical Sample Questions & Solutions Book - 2004

Chemical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, Robinson,Randall N

Chemical Engineering Practice PE Exams, Nandagopal, N.S.,

Solutions Manual for the Chemical Engineering Reference Manual, Robinson, Randall N,

Quick Reference for the Chemical Engineering PE Exam, Wright, Larry E

My Choice of Books

Chemical Engineering, Vol 1, Richardson and Coulson, Butterworth Heinemann

Chemical Engineering, Vol 2, Richardson and Coulson, Butterworth-Heinemann

Chemical Reaction Engineering, Levenspiel O

Handbook of Chemical Engineering Calculations, Chopey,Nicholas

Hazardous Waste Management, LaGrega, Michael D; Buckingham, Philips L; and Evans, Jeffrey C

Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Smith JM; Ness, H.C.; and Abbot, M

Mass Transfer Operations, Treybal Robert E

Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering, McCabe Warren L; Smith Julian C; and Harriott Peter

Perry Chemical Engineer's Handbook

Properties of Gases & Liquids, Prausnitz Joun M., Poling Bruce E

My Wish List

Foust Alan S., Wenzel Leonard A., Clump Curtis A.,Maus Laus, Anderson L Bryce, Principles of Unit Operations

A., Watson Kenneth M., Ragatz Roland A., Chemical Process Principles

Kern, D.Q, Process Heat Transfer

Ludwig, E., Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants

Nelson, W.L., Petroleum Refinery Engineering

More Chemical Engineering Text Books

Bennet and Myers, Momentum, Heat and Mass Transfer, Third Edition,

Himmelblau, David M, Basic Principles and Calculations in Chemical Engineering. 6th edition

King, C, Separation Processes

Nevers Noel de, Air Pollution Control Engineering

Peters and Timmerhaus, Plant Design and Economics for Chemical Engineers

Sandler Stanley I, Chemical and Engineering Thermodynamics

Smith, JM Chemical Engineering Kinetics