Class Schedule – FE

Mathematics Mathematics (8-12 questions)
Probability and Statistics Probability and Statistics (8-12 question)
Engineering SciencesStatics Statics
Direct-Current Circuits Direct-Current Circuits
Electric Circuits Electric Circuits (4-6 questions)
Computational Tools Computational Tools (4-6 questions
Materials Science Materials Science (4-6 questions)
Chemistry Chemistry (8-12 questions)
Fluid Mechanics/Dynamics Fluid Mechanics/Dynamics (8-12 questions
Thermodynamics Thermodynamics (8-12 questions)
Material/Energy Balances Material/Energy Balances (8-12 questions)
Heat Transfer Heat Transfer (8-12 questions)
Mass Transfer and Separation Mass Transfer and Separation
Distillation Distillation
Unit Processes Unit Processes (8-12 questions)
Chemical Reaction EngineeringChemical Reaction Engineering (8-12 questions)
Process Design and Economics Economics Economics (8-12 questions)
Process Control Process Control (5-8 questions)
Materials Science
Mechanics of Materials Mechanics of Materials
Engineering Mechanics Engineering Mechanics (8-12 questions)
Safety, Health and Environment Safety, Health and Environment (5-8 questions)
Ethics and Professional Practice Ethics and Professional Practice (2-3 questions)

FE Course Location: Berkeley

Exam ProblemsExam Problems
Practice ExamPractice Exam
Sample ProblemsSample Problems
  • The NCEES offers Fundamentals Engineering (FE) Chemical exam exclusively via computer-based testing (CBT).

Waqar Ahmad, Berkeley, California

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